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Los Angeles SEO Digital

We Produce Insane Results of New Revenue for our Customers with Organic Search Engine Optimization in LA.

We Produce Insane Results of New Revenue for our Customers with Organic Search Engine Optimization in LA.

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What Makes SEO So Important?

Grow your Los Angeles Business With SEO

What Makes SEO So Important?

Most people will start their internet sessions by searching online for what they want – for something they need. They are using the internet to meet their needs for information, whether they are settling a bet on the 14th President of the United States (which was Franklin Pearce, if you’re wondering), finding somewhere to eat, the ideal article of clothing or the best contractor for their home remodel needs. Search Engine Optimization, known as SEO, is the process of connecting customers with your business in the online environment. Our team uses only the most modern SEO technology and services, backed by all the latest and greatest digital practices, to get your website the extra boost in traffic and ranking it needs for evaluated keywords and long-tail expressions to drive more business for your website. 60,000+ Searches Occur Every Second SEO is about much more than ranking high with popular terms these days; it’s all about being discovered at the most critical times. Our team of skilled search engine optimization experts undertakes meticulous research on the best keywords for your business, guaranteeing that you get the right traffic for boosting your bottom line. We understand everyone covets that first-page spot, but it’s also true not everyone deserves that place. Your brand, business, and website must earn the right to be there. Google employs over 200 different signals in the algorithms for scoring and ranking websites, and they made over 540 quality improvements to the search engine algorithm alone last year. Our SEO amenities are intended to boost the visibility of a website within the algorithmic (“organic,” “free,” and “natural”) search results to deliver extraordinary superiority directed traffic straight to your website. We do everything ourselves, with no artificial spam, bots, or pesticides in the organic strategies we employ. Each campaign we undertake is done so entirely bespoke to your business, industry, and team. It’s all about you and what you need.

Grow your Los Angeles Business With SEO

Why Choose Los Angeles SEO Digital for Your SEO Needs

As a Los Angeles based SEO service, we employ a full-time staff of in-house specialists in every kind of field necessary to create successful SEO campaigns. Our team members include analysts, researchers, web designers, copywriters, account managers, and web developers. As online SEO services cover a broad range of topics and activities, from link building to content creation, keyword strategy, and much more, having such a balanced all-around team makes every campaign we hold go much more efficiently and smoothly for better results. The bottom line is that your SEO campaign gets off the ground faster and brings in more results and better sales faster, boosting both your revenue and the ROI of the campaign.

Grow your Los Angeles Business With SEO

We are Passionate About Growing Your Business

People generally use the internet to find the businesses, products, and services they need. Will yours appear on the important first page of results for the keywords that matter most to your brand and business? If not, then you are missing out on an untold amount of valuable leads. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is anything but a fad. It’s also no longer an option to consider. It is something that you have to be doing if you want to build your business. It has become an integral part of the plan to market products and services and generate leads and sales for your business.

Grow your Los Angeles Business With SEO
How we Build Traffic & Revenue

What’s Included in Our Comprehensive SEO Services?

Discover why we are Los Angeles Number 1 Search Engine Optimization Company

Technical SEO

There is no understating the importance of technical SEO. Not only does it serve as a vital part of a successful SEO campaign, but it’s also one of the few factors that you will have control of. If you don’t take the time to care for the technical aspects of SEO, you’ll hamper the effectiveness of content creation/optimization and link building efforts. Lots of agencies will barely do more than scratch the surface when it comes to technical SEO elements. We prefer to go all the way and do everything we can.

Keyword Targeting and Content

After taking care of the technical side of the SEO campaign, it’s time to move on to the content and links. Taking a more comprehensive approach to SEO means focusing on strategic content and foundational content. Strategic content is things such as blog posts, videos, guides, and infographics. They are key to targeting keywords at the top of the funnel, attracting links, and building the overall domain authority for your website. Foundational content is things such as content on key pages like home pages, metadata, product detail pages, and category pages. The initial step is conducting some thorough keyword research to find the right keywords that are relevant to your business and which you stand a good chance of ranking on to the top of the first page for. After that, the focus comes to optimizing your current content and creating any new content needed to fill in the gaps. Don’t worry if you require content creation services, as we have in-house copywriters and have total access to a variety of third-party content services like PR agents. We’ve got you covered.

Keyword Research

Our SEO team in Chicago will put together information on thousands of different keywords and gather metrics about them to determine the potential value of that keyword for you. That includes things like search volume, our proprietary competition formula no one else has, and other variables to determine the value for these keywords for the different webpages on your site.

Website SEO Audit

SEO audits come in various levels of complexity and detail. The most simple website audit could be as small as just a few pages long. It would show any glaring on-page issues like missing content and titles. Then there are more comprehensive website SEO audits that look at dozens – if not hundreds – of pages on a website to address even the smallest problems that could be damaging the ranking ability of the website. On the most basic of levels, an SEO audit addresses all of the basic concerns laid out during our Basic SEO Tutorial. A basic audit gives a website owner a thought-out guide on how to fix the broken elements of their website that aren’t search-engine friendly, as well as providing guidance on how to address other issues and improve things such as content and link development, and the overall organic search strategy. It’s important you realize that while having your search-engine friendly website is the most important first step in improving rankings, there are no guarantees that implementing the changes recommended through an SEO audit will boost you right to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs). It takes some time for the results of search engine optimization to show through, and it can take different maintenance approaches to ensure stable and reliable rankings in the future.

On-Page SEO

On-page/on-site SEO is about making the changes recommended by the SEO audit. These changes may be implemented by a website owner – if they can – or by the SEO company. On-page SEO is an important part of every SEO package, and it forms the foundation upon which every successful SEO campaign is built upon. On-page SEO addresses various fundamental elements – as related to SEO – such as headings, titles, content, content organization, and the internal linking structure of a website. As mentioned earlier, to establish a basic list of areas of improvement for on-site optimization, please refer to the SEO Tutorial. As is the case with website SEO audits, there are basic and comprehensive services for page search engine optimization. On the more fundamental level, on-page optimizations are simple one-time projects that include the recommendations of an audit and implementing those recommendations. This kind of on-page optimization tends to target the home page and some other key pages on a website. A more comprehensive campaign uses the information from a more detailed website SEO audit and monitors the results to make any necessary adjustments to the ongoing optimization campaign. While on-page work doesn’t need to be updated in several cases – such as when a website hosts evergreen content – we do recommend having your website, and the content contained therein, regularly audited to uncover potential issues that could creep up as a website grows and develops.

SEO Content Development

SEO content development is the creation of website content. It comes in a variety of different forms including text – such as articles, essays, whitepapers, tutorials, research documents, and glossaries – and infographics (information graphics), searchable databases, PDFs, web tools, etc. As you can tell, the traditional definition of content, once considered to be articles, no longer applies as there are so many different kinds of content available. It’s important to realize that not each kind of content is suitable for your website, depending upon your industry and niche. The idea of “SEO Content” in itself was also something of a misnomer when it wasn’t before. Content that can positively impact search engine friendliness should be considered “high-quality content” that makes it easier to acquire and earn links for your website. When trying to find and create content that will boost your SEO efforts, you want to find high-quality content. More accurately, you want to find people that can create this content for you. Trying to find “SEO content” leads you to content that is packed full of keywords without any consideration for overall quality. SEO content writing services may be useful, as long as the writer doesn’t take shortcuts and you don’t expect miracles from the content. Well thought out, written, useful, and exciting content can be discovered, and it can draw attention based on its own merits, but it also forms the foundation for successful link building campaigns.

More Than You Think

More Than You Think

We believe it is our job to make the complicated, technical and – let’s face it – overwhelming online marketing process as simple as it can be for clients. One way that we achieve this is through offering our SEO clients a single point of contact that allows them to manage their projects and will be there to answer any questions they have. You will come to know your Thrive SEO Professional very well, and they will, in turn, come to learn more about you, your business, and the unique needs you have. We will be your outsourced online marketing department.

Focus on Customers

Thrive is all about building a culture of focusing on customers. We believe that we should own the voice of our clients and we work hard to do this. We understand that, as John Spence put it, the main competitive difference in the business world is the focus on customers. We focus on our customers.

Transparent Reporting

Our competition may try and hide behind masks, smoke, and mirrors, but we believe in maintaining transparency and allowing our clients to see how our efforts work and what they are doing to boost your revenue. We provide in-depth reports to clients.


SEO Code of Ethics

We are committed to being honest and holding ourselves personally accountable for our work. Not every firm out there will adhere to those kinds of principles, and it can be their clients that end up paying for it in the end. As an internet marketing and search engine optimization service provider, we are constantly striving to reach higher rankings, improve traffic and conversions, and improve the ROI for our clients’ website without going against our strict Code of Ethics.

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